SWG Questionnaire Forms

SWG Questionnaire Form

Questionare Form

(Fields with the sign * are compolusary)


Name & Address of the Organization with the name of Contact Person and Telephone No:
* Name of the Organization:  
* Address :  
* Name of Contact Person at site:  
* Phone No:  
* Email Address :  
Detailed Address of the site of installation of Small Wind Generator and contact person at the site with phone no.
Address of the site of the installation:  
Name of contact person at the site:  
Phone No:  
Nearest Known Railway-station/ state transport station  
Available means of transport  
Availability of Grid Power at installation site
Grid Power available?    YES NO
If Yes; please specify    

 Less than 3 hours/day 3 to 7 hours/day 7 to 12 hrs./day 12 to 20 hrs./day More than 20 Hrs./day

Average Wind Speed available at your site

 Less than 7kmph 7kmph to 10kmph 10kmph to 15kmph 15kmph to 20kmph/day Above 20kmph

Present Power consumption per month in Units (Pl.attach Xerox copy of last Electricity Bill)  
Expected Electric load from wind Generator in watts
  Tube lights Fans

Other Appliances

(Pl. Specify)

Utilization Hours.(Average)
Whether Site of installation has concrete terrace?

 YES NO     

If Yes, specify height of the terrace. (in feet from the ground level)  
Particulars of surrounding area
Height of Tress and Buildings (in feet)

 Less then 10 feet 10 feet to 20 feet 20 feet to 30 feet

 30 feet to 40 feet area More than 40 feet
Category of Installation
 Residential Agricultural Industrial Hilly Area
 Near sea Shore Near Electricity High Tension Line
Name and Designation of order finalization Authority  
Facility for lodging & boarding along with local convince at site