Supernova Natural draft Side feeding economy model (SNSFE)

Supernova Natural draft Side feeding economy model (SNSFE)

Natural draft stove is a unique solution for cooking, which produce a clean and efficient heat without specialized fuels and with minimum smoke.

The Natural Draft stove has a scientific design to draw fresh air oxygen into the combustion chamber along with wood gas resulting into cleaner, hotter and more efficient heat with very less smoke. Wood combustion air is driven into fire pot to create wood-gas (smoke). This occurs in the gasification zone.

The Natural Draft stove effectively burn any combustible material like wood dust, cow dung, pallets, grass, sticks and pieces of branches.

This Natural Draft Stove is very economical solution considering low cost against its high performance towards life and health. It is proudly make in India and considering all field barriers in any countries to make more efficient and more reliable.


Clean Cooking with negligible smoke
Burns almost any Bio fuel (Pallets, Cow Dung, Waste Wood) provided by nature.
Reduce unhealthy smoke or any toxic by 75%.
SS Fire Pot for long lasting life.
Light weight, easy to carry. (Portable)
User friendly design for use and service.
Generates controlled heat for a normal cooking.
Aerodynamic design to reduce smoke and maximum combustion of fuel
More savings on money, time and trees.
Design in such a way to place light to heavy utensil for cooking or water boiling
Save one tree in three year.
Innovative Value – Replaceable Fuel Chamber
Beautiful, aspirational and low cost
High performance – 40% fuel reduction, more than 27% thermal efficiency
Good Thermal Insulation
Controlled Fire