Super Descaler

Super Descaler

SUPER DESCALER is a unique water treatment system that solves hard water problems without using membrane, chemicals, magnets and no waste of water or salt. SUPER DESCALER works totally with maintenance-free concept and is very easy to install, no tools or plumbing work needed. Maximum light bill of the year is Rs. 200-00 and normally bill will be Rs. 80 per year. SUPER DESCALER is an eco-friendly solution that protects the piping system and appliances of water against scale deposits and removes existing deposited scale. SUPER DESCALER prolongs the lifespan of household appliances like washing machine, Dish washer, R O plant, Bathtub, Jacuzzi equipment etc.; SUPER DESCALER reducing considerable maintenance cost. SUPER DESCALER helps in saving of washing machine, dish washer and utensil cleaning agents and protects against lime-scale deposits on shower heads, sinks and faucets. The SUPER DESCALER exclusive Electric-Impulse-Technology is based on the principle of physical water treatment; changing the crystallization structure of the water soluble calcium carbonate and this is how the hard scale loses its adhesive power. SUPER DESCALER works independently of the water velocity criteria no use of permanent magnetic fields. SUPER DESCALER is suitable for all type of pipe materials.

Restoration of water pressure effected by hardness of water.
Kitchen and bathroom fitting will be free from hard deposition of water hardness
Experiencing more dense foam from soap and shampoo.
Retains important minerals of the water.
Waterproof device ideal for outdoor fitting and harsh marine condition.
5-year warranty

Application Areas:

Residential Applications

Commercial Applications

Industrial Applications

Houses and apartments

Drinking water

Bungalows and resorts

Swimming pools & Jacuzzis

Small machinery

Irrigation systems


And many more

Naval Ships

Condominiums and Large Buildings


Educational Institutions and Schools

Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurant and Cafe’s


Aluminum industry

Chemical manufacturing

Lumber industry

Car industry

Rubber industry

Injection molding

Printing  industry

Cooling towers

Heat exchangers

Food production

Maritime and cargo industry

Textile industry


Waste water treatment

And many more


Note: No other company is providing above features.
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