Smokeless Havan kund

Havan Kund

In physical world two basic energy system is heat and sound, while performing yagna heat energy from fire and sound energy from mantras blends together to provide spiritual, desired physical and psychological benefits.

Various type of samvidha (Materials used in Havan) in the yagna-fire sublimates, fumigate and vaporized to produce ions with positive energy impacts penetrating in surrounding atmosphere through mantras sonic waves.

In this modified modern Kund all these above religious aspects are taken care, this kund generates lowest % of carbon-monoxide and needs less quantity of yagna herbal material as the material is vaporized and gasified 100% without waste because the temperature attained by the kunda is always above 300°C along with the purified flames upto 1300°C, the Kund is designed from copper pot to get the uniform temperature along with the impact of copper oxygenation which play vital role in purification of atmosphere.

Supernova Technologies Pvt Ltd has put their research team to designed the Havan Kund to emit maximum and purest resultant products and by products with lowest carbon-monoxide using solar power to boost up the environment friendly performance. The shape of kunds boost up the combustion process but as we have used the natural sun power to bust up the combustion and so the variation in shape and size remain unaffected. Our combustion process in our havan kund will not affect the interior of indoors AC and non AC halls and rooms AS IT DO NOT PRODUCE THICK AND DENCE SMOKE FOR UNWANTED FRAGRANCE.

The daily havan using of supernova Kund with proper ingredients will keep all negativity away from your surroundings along with flies, mosquitoes and such other unwanted insects, it also helps to emits enviroment friendly gases and radiation to enhance nature cycle.

Due to less smoke, it is ideal also for marriage ceremonies, in small homes and for use in confined quarters.

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