Research and Development Activities

Product Name: Designed/Invented Year Products
Language Laboratory.

(Approved by Shri H M Patel Institute of English)

(D) Designed 1982
Cordless & Wire-based Security System with Auto-dialer Facility interfacing with cordless Sensor (I) Invented 1989
Shutter Siren, Door Siren & Safe Siren (I) Invented 1993
Bullet Proof Revolving. Light & Electronic Police Siren

(Approved by Gujarat Police department)

(D) Designed 1995
Vacuum Poly bag Sealer. (D) Designed 1996
Electronic Battery Operated Kit For handicapped Tricycle. (I) Invented 1999
Auto traffic/Garden & Other Public Place Discipline Instructor. (D) Designed 2000
Teaching Aids for Blinds. (Electronic Map, Path Guider)

(National Association of Blind (NAB) approved)

(I) Invented 2001

Braille Language Laboratory Computerized

(National Association of Blind (NAB) approved)

(I) Invented 2002
Light and Sound setup for Darbar Hall Junagadh Museum, Gujarat (D) Designed 2003
Country’s first indigenous technology РSmall wind Generator

MNRE approved

(D) Designed 2004
Hearing Impaired Pager and Language lab for Hearing Impaired (I) Invented 2005
Manual R-O Plant
(1) Hand R-O Plant

(2) Foot Manual R-O Plant

(D) Designed 2006

Vertical Axis Battery charging Balloon Wind Turbine (D) Designed 2007
Motorized Gong Bell (230 Volt AC) (D) Designed 2008
OFF Grid Power generating Sterling Engine for direct heat

(First and smallest in world)

(D) Designed 2008
Hand operated battery charging device along with wood gas fired stove for huts lighting, radio entertainment and operating wood gas fired stove(Swanirbhar Kit)

MNRE approved

(Design registered in Government)

(D) Designed 2008

Self-powered Aerator for River Aeration for Yamunaji river (D) Designed 2009
Auto Alert Message Device for Seashore (I) Invented 2009
Country’s first Indigenous technology Mechanical wind mill Aerator for lakes and ponds,Metal Ag/Cu ion generator (D) Designed 2010
Country’s first Indigenous technology Hybrid wind (mechanical) / Solar Powered Auto Aerator (D) Designed 2010
Floating Hydro Power Pico hydro power generator (I) Invented 2011
Equipment for Solar Research Laboratory (D) Designed 2011
Country’s first Indigenous technology Mobile Auto Aerator for Shrimp pond, Fish pond and Holly pond (Kund) (D) Designed 2011
Country’s first Indigenous technology Auto Dual Axis solar tracker based 1.5 Kw solar power plant (D) Designed 2012
Gasification base havan Kund for Yagna

(Design registered in Government)

(D) Designed 2012
Reverse power flow protection device for ON Grid solar plant (D) Designed 2013
Largest stand alone Wind Mill for Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar(D)2014

Installation pending

(D) Designed 2014
Country first indigenous grid tied small wind mill for GERMI (D) Designed 2014
Voice activated Shooting range device (D) Designed 2015
Natural draft community Chula for 200 liter vessel capacity (For Export) 41.5% thermal efficiency WBT standard (4.2.3 version) (D) Designed 2015
Manual Briquetting machine

(MS IS 2062 standard)

(D) Designed 2015