Photovoltaic Solar Tracker

Photovoltaic Solar Tracker

Today all around the world, renewable energy power plants are been promoted to resolve the power crises. Renewable power is a green power and is available all around the world in various forms. India is blessed with ample solar radiation and most of the country receives between 300 to 330 sunny days a year. Harnessing solar radiation through photovoltaic panels is an economical and convenient way to fulfill the demand of electrical power.

We have designed and developed a solar power plant with dual axis auto tracking system. To improve the power generation capacity (up to 45%), an indigenously designed and developed dual axis tracking system is attached with the plant. This is the first of its kind indigenously designed auto dual axis solar tracker system in the country.

The dual axis tracking system is uniquely designed on sensor based technology avoiding the need for manual programming time to time. The tracking system is capable for 3400 horizontal rotation and 700 vertical rotation movements. These rotation angles are set as per the rotation path of sun for the whole year for various regions of the country (www. ). The whole mechanical structure is designed to survive the wind speed of 60m/s maximum during the cyclones conditions.

The harnessed power from the solar panels is controlled and fed to the inverter along with the batteries in parallel. The inverter converts the DC voltage in to 230V AC, which is fed to load lines of various sections of the department. The batteries connected in circuit stores the excess power which can be utilized during non-solar conditions like early in the morning, late in the evening or at nights. This stored power will also be helpful in monsoon seasons when solar radiation is uneven or not available. We have designed unique auto grid change over device in the system which will take care of uninterrupted power of 230V AC load.

This device has a special feature to direct the solar power at given time to the load, using programmable timer. During crises of solar power the load will automatically switch over to grid power, and as soon as the solar power is available, it will switch over the load again to solar power after 45 minutes. Thus the entire solar power plant is fully automated to achieve the best possible utilization of renewable power to save the conventional power and providing the green power solution.

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