Multi Utility Solar Lantern

Multi Utility Solar Lantern

Low Power consuming super bright LED Lantern with Sealed Maintenance free lead acetate battery and unbreakable body. Lantern remains on continuous 8-9 hours even the battery is in charging mode. Lantern could charge by 6V, 5W Solar Panel or SMPS Adaptor.


Unbreakable Polycarbonate body
Rocker switch for ON/OFF
Anti glare glass for uniform LED lighting
Lantern could charge by SMPS charger input 100V-240ACV, output 6.8DCV, 1 A OR 6V, 5W Solar Panel.
Super Bright LED with low power consumption 3 watt.
No. of LED’s 60 nos.
Maximum 9 hrs continuous operation.
6V, 4.5Ah Maintenance Free Battery.
Maximum 145 LUX at 1 feet distance.
Maximum charging time 5 hours.
You can operate this lantern even when it is in charging mode, No company has provided this feature.
Built in deep discharge protection on battery for long battery life.
Dimmer Facility

Optional Accessories on Demand

Mobile Charger
Radio Player
Extra Lantern illumination.
Bio Wood Stove (EXL)
6V 5W Solar Panel

Note: No other company is providing above features.
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