Mobile Solar Aerator

Mobile Solar Aerator

1. Working of Mobile Solar Aerator
Aeration is a process of dissolving oxygen of air to the water for restoring a water body to its healthy state, during this process the oxygen in the air gets dissolved and raise DO level of water. It is necessary to get oxygen down to the bottom of the lake for bed aeration this not only adds oxygen to the surface water but to the water at the bottom of the lake. Mobile solar power pond aeration system is best alternative to a conventional power from grid or diesel engine pond aeration system.

We have designed indigenous solar pond aerators for boosting up the production of shrimps, fishes and such other aquatic animal farming. Solar lake bed aeration is extremely important to the health of isolated ponds, even Swimming pools, Golf course ponds, and farm ponds stagnation problems are eliminated with our solar pond aeration systems.

2. Metal Ionization (Optional)
We also externally provide a Metal Ionization which is naturally and efficiently eliminate growth of micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria.

3. Technical Feature of Aerator System
Oil less Pump with low current consumption for continuous duty operation
Battery, charge Controller, Auto controller and high efficiency Pump.
Water proof solar Weather Shed
External accessories diffuser, anchor, PVC pipe and Electronic device for Algae & Virus Control.
Photovoltaic panels are sized to fit your system for maximum output & shortest payback period of 3 year
Aeration Diffuser – Provision of both Tube and Disc type Diffuser
Diffuser aerates large volumes of water with high efficiency and multi diffuser can be added to the system.
Noise less operation, clog-free system requires no cleaning
Battery Back Up – Your system will benefit from 24 hour continuous run time
Dual Charger – solar and grid charging system
Auto Controller- Time can be programmed for different modes of day, night and 24 hours so there will be no requirement of any manpower for operation

4. Benefits of Aerator Systems
Stimulates the natural microbes and eliminates harmful gases
Reduces Algae growth and increases dissolved oxygen levels
De-stratifies the water column
Increases fish and shrimps growth
Low Maintenance System
24 hour auto run time
Facility of using battery power for lighting load
Payback itself in shortest time

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