Innovative Wind Mill Project

World’s largest wind mill for battery charging in this innovative wind mill project at Mahatma mandir, Gandhinagar.

The wind mills for mahatma mandir, which is resembling Gandhiji’s charkha is design to generate the power which will be utilized onsite for lighting load. Gandhinagar comes under low windy area, the mean wind velocity is 3.6 m/s, so looking to the wind regime the wind mill is design having cut in wind speed of 2.5 m/s. The wind survivals parameters for entire wind mill and structure is 60 m/s (international norms). There is no YAW movement (furling), as the planned direction for wind mill is south-west and north-east. The entire system has automated control panel to run the load as per the generation.

In this project, the 250Kw wind mill with 28.5 meter diameter used with a innovative alteration in generation section.