Hearing Impaired Language Lab

Hearing Impaired Language Lab

Hearing Impaired Language Laboratory you can say it a phonetic Laboratory, which will be a permanent installation in classroom with a individual seating arrangement having individual equipment for learning by themselves under the monitoring of teacher. Each booth will have computer monitor device that will show the wave pattern of student speech on lower half of the screen along with pre-recorded or online teacher speech wave pattern on upper half of the school. Students can keep on practicing until he improves to bring his speech wave pattern closest to the wave pattern of teacher. Student voice can be listened by teacher by selecting the particular student data from master computer menu and teacher can ask the student to watch and improved lip version on the screen of his equipment. Students will have the facility of calling teacher by pressing call button on his booth, student booth will have headphones with volume control for listening at their level along with frequency filter selector controls. In this Hearing Impaired Language Laboratory teacher panel will have facility to send the audio signal (Audio speech) to all student booth simultaneously with video camera facility for showing lip and body stress movement on the TV screen of classroom, this panel will control the switching of student booth equipment. Teacher can send the audio signal of own voice or any other Audio equipment like cassette tape recorder cum radio and audio CD through computer on the headphone of students or on classroom speaker and visuals on TV.

Student booth will have Audio wave pattern viewing monitor device on which he can view Audio spectrum of teacher and his/her own voice for comparing the stress point, student can record 12 second speech on his device fixed in his booth and can view and listen repeatedly for improving his/her own speech by on line feed back, the 12 second recorder will also serve the purpose of fast and perfect speech and word cramming. The above Hearing impaired language laboratory will be very much useful for improving talking skill, lesson grasping and cramming power through self assist learning device. I hope the new way of learning will be a pleasure way of studying for hearing impaired people.

Main theme of Hearing Impaired Pager is to make the communication easy between hearing impaired person and a normal person at individual level, it can also be used in a mass of Hearing impaired peoples in their intuition where they study and live. Communication is done through remote (cordless) coding unit which sends the coding signals predefined by a normal user who can be his parent, teacher or friend, these signals are received by the small portable unit in form of vibration. The receiver unit can be kept in the pocket or it can be tied by Velcro belt on the body. The pager (receiver) of hearing impaired person generate the signals in form of number of vibrations The equipment of communicator are Pager (receiver) and transmitter which is portable and small cordless unit working on batteries, receiver unit generate vibration like that of Pager and Mobile phones, as per the instruction from transmitter

The HIPG (HEARING IMPAIRED PAGER) can be use in home and school, both the category of user will have to develop their code language During my survey I came across few parents of hearing impaired peoples who felt that this system will help us lot in our routine life and then I thought that it may be used for masses in school of hearing impaired.

Presently the sample pager unit was taken by Mr Ranjit Bhattacharyya the Rehabilitation Officer & HOD,SERD from National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped Mumbai it has been found extremely useful with his hearing impaired peon and he has ordered for extra unit also.

For your information that this central government origination has given us the responsibility of training 10 hearing Impaired person for Installing, handling and distributing the electricity through Renewable electricity hybrid plant of Solar and Wind energy.