Braille Language Lab

Brail Language Lab

Braille Language lab has an exclusive feature of teaching any number of blind students by a single teacher as in normal case a one teacher can teach to one student at a time so the teacher to student ratio in teaching Braille was one-to-one but by using this Braille language lab. a teacher can teach to 10 to 20 visually impaired students at a time, this helps to increase teacher to student ratio 1 to 10 or 20. A teacher can pay equal attention on each & every student. There is one main master panel from where the Braille lessons are provided to the students. The master panel has got the talking control due to which a Blind Teacher can easily operate the Mater Panel similarly a person without the knowledge of Braille Language can teach through computer interface key-board which has a talking software with Braille operating system, this software can be upgraded in any regional language as on demand.

Master Panel has a Braille point switches which are used to enter words on the Braille sensing pad of each student’s along with the audio message. On the top view of Mater Panel indications are provided for all students through which teacher can know the number of calling students facing difficulty. On Mater Panel we have provided the facility of entering 15 letters at a stretch and with the help of ‘Enter’ button the same word is then transmitted to the each individual student sensing pad with a voice backup.

If a student has difficulty, he can press the ‘Call’ button from his seat. In response to this teacher will receive audio & visual indication on the top of main panel & can interact with the concerned student without disturbing others. We provide Speaker facility to students in order to maintain the concentration & at the same time helps in removing the hesitation of the student. To enter a new word the previous word can be erased by the ‘Reset’ button facility available on the Master panel. By this way the teacher can interact with the students using this Braille laboratory.

There is a provision of audio message recording facility of 16 seconds so that teacher can record the word which he wants to transmit repeatedly for cramming with Braille words. Thereby facilitating them in learning the language through sensing the Braille pad along with the audio message.

Kindly be informed that the laboratory can be up-graded for any number of students above 10 and it can be used at any school level right from School level to Graduate level. Blind teacher can easily operate the laboratory as all the controls are Talking controls. Computer can be interface with our developed Talking software through which a person without knowledge of Braille can teach Braille in any regional language in its original accent voice, computer will automatically embossed the letters and words on student sensing pad.For the invention of Braille Language Laboratory and battery operated Tricycle Kit our Honorary Technical Director Mr S.N.Jha has honored with National award by Hands of President of India Shri Abdul. Kalam.