PEMFs helps lo suppor healing of damaged and
inflamed tissues muscles and reduces pain, swelling Inflammations increases circulation and circular levels of oxygen, aids in supposing general muscular and nervous system heaIlh and function stimulates the body‘s natura! healing process..

Pulse magnetic field lherapy re—energizes damaged cells by peLorming eIeclricaI change wilhin the cells lhat reslore il lo its normal healthy state. Cellular metabolism is boosled, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved and oxygen carrying capacily is increased. U!limate!y immune system gets better and heaIlhier, nervous syslem relaxes, bones and joint becomes stronger and vital organs like kidney, liver and colon are able to rid themselves of impurities and deloxifying lhe body.
PEMF addresses the impaired chemistry and lhus lhe function of cells which in—lurn, improves heaIlh. PEMF delivers beneficial, health enhancing EMFs and frequencies to lhe cell. Low frequencies PEMFs of even the weakesl strength pass right lhrough lhe body, penetraling every eel!, tissue, organ and even bones wilhoul being absorbed or altered. As they pass through lhey stimulates mosl of lhe electrical and chemical processes in lhe lissues. Therapeulic PEMFs are specially designed lo suppor cellular energy posiliveIy, reselling in beller heaIlh condilion.


Do you surer fom diferenl heath problem? Wants lo say good bye to hem? Wilhol ijecing any drugs and wihou disturbing your feel We have solutions for a!! segmenls of patients right from spoJsman lo senior cilizens and children.3rd eye multi therapy device, will help you lo solve your health problem withoul any side elecls.

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